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Tum Dam Abis

Get started in a lucrative fabrics business today! Are you a stay at home mom, working class, corp member or a student? EriIre Fabrics and Bedding bridge the gap between manufacturers and wholesalers to bring this to your doorstep . Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity and smile to your bank to cash out your legit profit every week by selling :

1. English plain and pattern #1500(MOQ=10packs)

2. Ankara and Denim combo #1900(MOQ=5packs)

Your friends, family, church members and co-workers are the nearest customers.

Location: Abeokuta, Ogun state.
Delivery is nation wide at a token.

Join our wholesalers chat to place your order

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One source of income is not the best in this age biko!!!
…our quality speaks

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