Every end of the month a member is awarded cash prize of N5000 from Help the needy program.

Help The Needy Guidelines

This services will be carried out every last Friday of the month in this group. It is a voluntary donation to a member of this group that is in need.

Lucky beneficiary gets N5000 cash.

To qualify for this service, the member must fulfill the following conditions

1. Must have minimum of 100 friends on Facebook (amended)

2. Must have been on Facebook for the past two years and very active with friends commenting on the members posts.

3. Bank Account name and face book name (or) id card name must be the same.

4. where id card is involved, profile picture and id card picture must be the same (optional)

5. Three members from the week’s participants will be nominated and members of the group will vote. The participant with the highest vote wins for that week

Once the member fulfills these conditions stated above, then he or she will publish his/her account details for the cash reward to be deposited. Other members can also donate if they wish.

These conditions are necessary to prevent future abuse of this service and also they are subject to amendment when the need arises.

For more information and inquiries contact us in our forum https://shortloansng.com/forums/forum/help-the-needy/